Tuesday, February 06, 2007

My Man!

I applaud John Edwards’ willingness to admit that health coverage for all Americans would necessitate an increase in taxes. Yeah, the Club for Growth has got its panties in a bunch over it, but can anyone really act surprised? Do Americans really think we’re going to solve the health care problem with a few tax cuts and some handshakes?

Good government costs money, a lesson conservatives (and, regrettably, some liberals) either refuse to learn or refuse to admit. You can’t have low taxes and a high level of government services, unless of course you follow the borrow-and-spend Bush strategy that pushes the pain for our tax breaks to the next generation. Assuming, then, that you want a sensible fiscal strategy and not some Bush fuckup, you either cut your services or increase your taxes. Period.

I’ve blogged previously about how Americans already pay for the care of the uninsured, so I’ll say only that the choice before us is to pay smart or pay dumb. Pay smart: Make sure every American gets a reasonable level of preventative care, which is cheaper in the long run. Pay dumb: Stick with the current system that sends the uninsured to emergency rooms, which is more expensive. You decide.

New favorite lyric:

“I thought that we’d be joking, having long talks on late nights driving
But you drive so bad I lost my patience, pass the chips and turn the station”

Artist: Dar Williams (Dar Williams)
Song: Road Buddy
Album: End of the Summer


Blogger Debra b. said...

I was excited when I saw this as well. I really liked John Edwards during the last campaign. I haven't come close to making a decision yet, but I do think he forces the debate to higher level. And I love the no spin. He just flat answers the questions.

The thing about paying higher taxes for health care, is that you are then spending less money out of pocket for health care. Done right, it should all even out in the end.

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