Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Fun things I have done

Visiting the CN Tower. This sucker's in Toronto, and it's tall. Near the top you can stand on this glass floor and look directly down to the street way, way below. I don't care for heights, and it took me a long time to walk out on that glass so that the ceiling camera could get a picture of me and my traveling companions. The sign proclaiming that the glass could support the weight of fourteen hippos did not reassure me in the least, but it did get me wondering how the signmakers know that.

HersheyPark. Yeah, I know it's commercial and all that, but it was a place with rides and chocolate. I confess that I'm not the world's best roller-coaster rider; for me, the fun-terror ratio is nearly 1-1, so my appetite for such experiences is limited. However, I rode three that day, which for me is about ten years' worth.

Ultimate Tournament. Some years back, the gay Ultimate group to which I used to belong entered in a charity tournament out in Oaks, PA, that benefitted Siloam. It was ridiculous as we knew nothing, I mean nothing, about the game, so we were promptly and unceremoniously trounced in three separate games. Still, we were voted Spirit Winners of the division, probably because a) everyone else felt sorry for us; and b) we suffered three crushing defeats and never stopped smiling. We never stopped smiling because we had a great time.

Visiting the Beach on Christmas. I don't care much for Florida, but tromping around a beach in shorts and bare feet on December 25 is pretty darn cool. Dan and I chased the surf down the beach, and then were chased back up by the returning surf, and we dug holes that the sea smoothed away. I can't say it was a great weekend, but it was a great trip to the beach.

Chinese Food in Canada. During the aforementioned Toronto trip, my traveling companions and I found a wonderful Chinese restaurant in, of all places, a strip mall. The food was great, and so was the company. We got laughing over something that wouldn't seem funny if I repeated it here, but it kept us in stitches for ages, and can still break us up to this day.

I've done more fun things than this, but my fingers are getting tired.


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