Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Open letter to pedestrians

Before I get started, let me point out that I am a a Center City dweller who walks at least four miles a day, so I qualify as a frequent pedestrian. With that being said...

Dear pedestrians:

In case you weren't aware, when wet snow is falling on frozen streets, it is difficult for my small, light car to get traction on those streets. That means that, no matter how slowly and safely I drive, quick stopping is problematical. Therefore, when you dart out in front of my car you are risking both your health and my driving record. If you do so and I hit you, I will phone the ambulance and see to your immediate needs but be otherwise blithely unconcerned with anything but said driving record, which to this date is flawless.

Isn't that snotty of me? Too bad! I drove like a grandma yesterday, never exceeding 20 mph on the city streets, staying alert and ultra-safe, and the damned jaywalkers still nearly gave me a heart attack. I like walking and support those who do it, but I really, really wish they'd not take such obviously foolish risks. Blech.


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