Wednesday, December 29, 2004

It's just the system

Last night Dan and I were talking about lawsuits, and I said that, should I ever file one, I want to do it under the guidance of a lawyer who is bitter, angry, and crooked. This sent Dan into gales of laughter, and I guess it is funny, but I'm serious about it.

You see, I don't buy all this nonsense about tort reform and how much it will lower insurance premiums. I worked at a law firm that specialized in insurance defense, and I can tell you that insurance companies make money hand over fist. They care nothing about their customers, nor do the premiums they charge reflect the actual reality of the risks they take. If you want a good indicator as to when premiums will rise, keep an eye on how these companies' investments perform. If they perform well, premiums stay relatively flat; if not, premiums rise. The notion that "frivolous lawsuits" have the biggest impact on premiums is pure propaganda generated by the insurance industry and parrotted by their Republican lapdogs in government. Oh, there's an impact, but it's not the "A causes B" relationship they'd have you believe.

With this in mind, you'll not be surprised to hear that I oppose tort reform. Big business has used its purchased politicians to draft laws to benefit itself, and the lawsuit is the common man's way to level the playing field. Lawsuits are the way that those of us who lack lobbyists make certain that corporate scum don't go unfettered along their exploitative way. The insurance industries work the system to their benefit, and so does the common man. The system is not about morality or fairness, and although you may think your refusal to work that system is noble, it's a nobility I assure you big business does not share. Therefore, when I have to play the game, I play to win. That's the system.


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