Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Great moments

I'm going to relive (and relate) a great moment I had playing Ultimate, for no reason other than I feel like reliving (and relating) it.

It was Fall League 2004, and in semi-finals my team was locked in battle against a team far superior to us in terms of skill. Still, we hung in there, and we turned a 10-4 game into 12-10. (For the uninitiated, most games of Ultimate end when one team reaches 13.) The other team was now sweating, realizing their cakewalk had turned into a real struggle, and my team smelled blood. On offense I was matched up against a guy taller, faster and younger than I, which meant my odds of getting open for a pass were slim. We needed every opening we could get, so I decided to get creative. I was facing the person with the disk, and my defender was facing me, so I looked up over his left shoulder, eyes wide as if tracking a thrown disc. He completely fell for it and took off, spinning to the left while looking for a disc that wasn't there. Stunned that this simple ploy had actually worked, I nevertheless darted to the right...just in the path of the thrown disc. My team captain was a savvy player, and guessing that I was somehow going to cut right, anticipated my maneuver with a neat little sidearm.

In case you're thinking my deviousness carried the day, think again; we lost the game on the next point and never made it to finals. Still, I was proud of myself as I accompanied my team off the field in defeat.


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