Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Eighty degrees and palm trees!

Nothing says "Christmas" like warm, humid weather and palm trees, as I discovered last weekend in Boca Raton. We visited Dan's parents there, in a place Dan calls, quite aptly, "God's Waiting Room." It was dead, but it was warm, and I spent Christmas on a beach in bare feet, so I can't complain. It was bizarre to be sitting out on the patio in shorts drinking egg nog on Christmas, but I could get used to that kind of bizarre.

Dan's parents can cook like nobody's business. Mother of all creatures great and small, but did I eat! Dan's mom even made us lunches for the plane ride, so while the other passengers were paying five bucks for crappy Italian hoagies, we were chowing down on chicken cutlet sandwiches with lettuce, accompanied by low-fat potato chips and followed by pizzelles. Oh, and we watched Babylon 5 movies on Dan's new portable DVD player all the while. Sweet, sweet technology.


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