Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Sacrifice? Who, us?

I've been following the flap about the upcoming inauguration, and calls that Bush should opt for something more frugal given there's a war on. I disagree. I think a lavish event is actually quite appropriate, given how consistent it would be with current events.

During WWII Americans rationed sugar, rubber and metal. They paid higher taxes. Women went to the factories to replace the husbands, fathers and sons who were called off to war. Nowadays, things have changed. No draft has been called, and no materials have been rationed. Instead, Americans (well, the wealthy ones, anyway) get plump tax cuts, and the rest of us are exhorted to go to the mall and shop to fuel the economy. Aside from the relatively few Americans who have family serving in Iraq, this conflict touches the lives of very few Americans, especially since the Bush crowd is bending over backwards to make sure we think everything in Fallujah's just ducky. Therefore, I say that if the commoners aren't called upon to sacrifice, why should George Bush? Let's all party, particularly because I suspect that before too long we won't feel much like celebrating.


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