Monday, August 30, 2004

Fearful Thoughts

Ugh...I've been trying to give some thought to what will happen should His Fraudulency retain the White House after November, and I find myself unable to do so. Just incapable of imagining another four years under the wandering, blustery, incompetent guidance of this fool.

Iraq, on which we have spent tens of billions of dollars (at least) invading and subduing and rebuilding, is now sliding towards something that is certainly not democracy. We're cutting deals with religious fanatics who most certainly do not support American ideals to keep the peace in a nation we invaded based on questionable, stovepiped evidence. Even worse, given the paucity of evidence that links Iraq to the al-Qaeda terrorists, by invading Iraq we have struck a blow in the war on...nothing. Finally, in a fever of reckless endangerment, Bush has removed the necessity of terrorists traveling across thousands of miles of oceans to kill Americans, but instead has served them up an all-you-can-kill smorgasbard in the form of 150,000 US soldiers.

Once upon a time, it was said that Republicans supported fiscal prudence, but His Fraudulency has managed to send that myth by the wayside with giant tax cuts for the wealthy while expanding spending on the Iraq boondoggle referenced above. Speaking of myth-shattering, there's a story that Republicans support the military, but we see that "the military" refers not to soldiers and their families, but rather the giant corporations that manufacture weapons and other military accoutrement.

Finally, Bush, who promised to be "a uniter, not a divider", has managed to polarize this nation over social issues in a way I have never before seen. He's talking about amending the constitution to illegalize something that's legal almost nowhere. He's opposing funding for stem-cell research, even though a number of Republicans, including the widow of conservative icon Ronald Reagan support it.

This is probably very unkind of me, but I cannot imagine why anyone who's not rich, white, straight, and Christian would vote for this man. Just can't. If we keep this barking idiot around for another four years...well, we're getting exactly what we deserve.


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