Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Viva la Montreal!

It's 11:30 and I am eating biscuits in my room whilst blogging. One of the nice things about being an adult is that there's no one to tell me I can't eat biscuits a) late at night; and b) in my bedroom.

But I digress. Montreal rocks! It's very walkable (always a hit with me), its sun sets in the north, and it's filled with openminded, friendly people who become even friendlier when you make an attempt at communicating in French. I relied on a few stock phrases to get me through:

Quel est le prix? (What is the price?)
Si vou plait donne moi... (Please give me...)
Je me suis perdu. (I am lost.)

When all else failed:
Je ne comprends pas. (I don't understand)

People there are better dressed than those in the States, particularly the men. Apparently, male Montrealers understand that straight men are not emasculated by clothes that are a) well-fitted and not three times too baggy; and b) dyed colors other than black, gray, or dark blue. I saw men in pants that were pink, red, peach and even bright blue. Of course, this fashion adeptness threw off my gaydar, but I am sure that after a few weeks or months I could reset to the Montreal frequency.

The only downside to this vacation was the fact that I forgot things on a regular basis. So remarkable was this memory shutdown that I thought I'd memorialize it in song as follows. (Sing to the tune of "My Favorite Things.")

A novel for passing the time on the airplane
One brush for taming my hair when it's insane
An email reminding me what I should bring
These are a few of my forgotten things

One map of Montreal marked with hot places
Two terry washcloths for cleaning our faces
Lastly, my MAC card, left in the machine
These are a few of my forgotten things

Fortunately, I did not forget my passport, so I was at least able to get into and out of the country without too much hassle. Note to self: Next time, make a list and tape it to your forehead a week before getting on the plane.

BTW, I did indeed find a pair of leather pants that will look great with the maroon Londo-Mollari vest I got last month. Yay me!


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