Friday, August 13, 2004

My Message to Our Leaders

I've been thinking about politics lately, and I've come up with a new philosophy. To those politicians who would like to represent me: Don't stand up for my values. My values are fine, and if they aren't, I'll take care of them myself. All I want you to do is to make government equitable, effective, and efficient. So, my specific advice to you is...

Stop reinforcing traditional values (or any values, for that matter), because you'll wind up doing nothing except wasting alot of time and tax dollars. Don't fight for God, please, because I think an omnipotent being is more than capable of fighting for himself without relying upon the democratic process. Don't strengthen families, because you'll just wind up misdefining them and alienating half the nation. Just collect fair taxes, spend them wisely, and don't blow up anything or anyone unless you really need to. That's all.


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