Wednesday, March 03, 2004

The stage is set...

...and John Kerry stands at its center. I despise the fact that I feel obliged to vote for him, just to get that dreadful George Bush out of office. The Democrats and Republicans have constructed a system in which a vote for a third-party candidate - any third-party candidate - is a vote for the major-party candidate who winds up winning. Therefore, Americans wind up voting not their hopes, but their fears. As a voter who plans to support Kerry, I am not above this. If we had instant run-off elections, we could vote our hopes and not our fears.

That being said, I urge anyone reading this blog who feels, as I do, that George Bush has done our country a great deal of damage, to get out and vote for John Kerry. I won't hold it against anyone who decides for vote Green or Nader or Libertarian (I like voting Green myself), but I feel strongly that this is not the election to stand on principle. If we can shoot that Texas cowboy out of the saddle we'll have done the country more long-term good than we will by voting independent. The Democrats certainly aren't the heroes of the story, but there's no way John Kerry can be worse than His Fraudulency. No way in hell.


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