Wednesday, November 05, 2008

America, this terrorist-fist-jab's for you

It's been a long time since I voted for a winning presidential candidate, so I relished last night. Obama's acceptance speech was amazing even for him, and I'll credit McCain for his gracious concession. Ambition might have made him a dry husk of the man he used to be, but he bowed out with dignity. I still have to remind myself, "Yes, America did vote in its first African-American president."

I also relished this morning, when I browsed to to silently and privately gloat over the discomfiture and defeat of the wing-nuts who post there. Tee-hee. They'll never know.

My mind is happily reeling at the prospect of days and days of interesting news coverage. Who will be Obama's Attorney General? Secretary of State? Chief of Staff?** And what about Supreme Court nominees? You know that Stevens, who's near 90, has been hanging on by his fingernails waiting for a Democratic president, and I hear that Ginsberg and Souter are looking at the door as well. Oh, the hours I'll spend on Google News!

**Supposedly, this is to be Rahm Emmanuel, the former Clintonista who once distinguished himself by sending a dead fish to a pollster who had displeased him. I know the chief of staff is supposed to be a bulldog, but ye gods.


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It's still blowing my mind, too.

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