Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Someone on my posting board made what I felt was a great comment in regards to John McCain's "Joe the Plumber", so I'm posting it here. You can also read the comment in its original context, if you like, but here goes.

This is one of the more bizarre things this campaign season had to offer. Joe the plumber. A plumber who's not a (licensed) plumber, whose name isn't Joe, whose salary is about 20% of what he said it is, who is concerned about the tax on the profits of a small business which he doesn't own, which doesn't actually generate as much profit so that it would be taxed more and which he's not going to buy, (because he doesn't have the means) while at the same time he owes back taxes. He's a delusional fake. And this is the guy around which the GOP economic message is built? WTF? Are you kidding me? Couldn't McCain, among all the GOP voters (presumably more than 45% of all voters) find a single person who was just that little bit more real. You know, someone who maybe owns a small business for which the tax rate actually does increase. The whole thing is so incredibly stupid and incompetent, it's actually quite sad. And yet, after all this has been said and brought into the open, they still continue with this talking point. Can anyone explain? This is so far beyond me, it seems like this GOP strategy has been hatched out in some weird bizarro parallel universe.

On my way to work this morning, I got to see the mobs of people gathered along Broad Street and around City Hall in preparation for the Phillies parade. Wish I'd brought my camera!

Dan, Ed and I are trolling around the city tonight in costume, which should be made more interesting by the aforementioned parade. Yum.


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