Sunday, May 11, 2008

Now here's a performer

Before you read any further, check out this YouTube video of Carol Burnett and company. But don't read the rest of this post until you do. Go ahead. I'll wait.
I am simply blown away by this. Instead of losing her cool and looking foolish, Burnett gets the audience to laugh with her, not at her. The woman is standing on stage, before who-knows-how-many people, with her skirt around her ankles, and yet she keeps her dignity. I aspire to the day when I can be half as funny when I look only one-tenth as foolish.

One other thing. Plantar fasciitis should burn in hell. A really hot one.

New favorite lyric:

"If I had a jetpack I'd bust into your door
And take you by the hand to the Jersey shore
And underneath the moonlight you'd want me even more
'Cause I'd have a jetpack"

Artist: Jill Sobule (Jill Sobule/Robin Eaton)
Song: Jetpack
Album: Underdog Victorious


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