Friday, April 25, 2008

A Friday wrap-up

The other day, whilst waiting for an appointment, I read in Entertainment Weekly that in March Boy George pleaded not guilty to wrongful imprisonment. Apparently, he chained a male model to a wall in his house. (I Googled for the news item but couldn't find it; if you do, please send it to me. I must have it.) What struck me was that the charge was "wrongful imprisonment." Is there a rightful imprisonment? I can just see Boy George defending himself: "Your Honor, there was a smashingly good reason why I had to chain that gorgeous boy to a wall in my conservatory." For the record, if I'm going to chain anyone to a wall in my home, I'll damn well collect rent. Nobody gets a free ride with me.**

I saw a company name today: Campus Zeus. I don't know exactly what this company offers, but if it's consistent with mythology, the service will smite students' enemies with lightning and sleep around on them.

I was playing Galactic Civilizations II the other night, and I came into a moral quandry. You see, I was busily engaged in pounding the sand out of the evil Dominion of Korx, which had been rampaging across the galaxy…until, of course, I got with the sand-pounding. Anyway, just as I drew within range of their home world, the civilization made a great societal shift to a philosophy that valued freedom, charity, and altruism. I cast about for ways to justify attacking a (now) good and peaceful race, and I was having a really tough time until I remembered that my civilization was based on the philosophy of neutrality. How many gold dragons, I wonder, have come to an untimely end through such reasoning?

**Don't all jump up to comment, "That's not what I heard!"

New favorite lyric:

"My sex change operation got botched
My guardian angel fell asleep on the watch
Now all I got is a Barbie-doll crotch
I got an angry inch."

Artist: John Cameron Mitchell (Stephen Trask)
Song: Angry Inch
Album: Hedwig and the Angry Inch (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)


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