Friday, March 07, 2008

TSA = Totally Stupid Actions

Really good NYT opinion piece about Security Theater at the airport. A few months old, but IMO still relevant.

Speaking of useless things, the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) now has a blog in which you can post comments if a) you feel as though doing so won't put you on the no-fly list; and b) you think they'll bother to post them (it's a moderated blog). When I first browsed to the blog I expected the whole thing to be little more than a PR stunt designed to make the TSA seem concerned and responsive. My expectations were fully confirmed. The TSA bloggers rarely directly address questions, and when they do their answers are usually transparently nonsensical, but I have fun reading the often extremely intelligent criticisms of those whose comments are occasionally allowed to appear.

If you visit the blog, note how often the TSA bloggers will answer criticisms that they are rude and power-tripping by either typing their responses ALL IN CAPS or by saying, "Flying's not a right. If you don't like it, don't fly. Tough cookies." Who says there's no truth in advertising?

New favorite lyric:

"If I were a weapon you said I'd be a gun
Lethal at close range I guess with silencer and stun
I feel more like a needle always pulling on the thread
Always making the same point again and wondering
If you heard what I just said"

Artist: Suzanne Vega (Suzanne Vega)
Song: If I Were a Weapon
Album: Songs in Red and Gray


Blogger Daniel said...

...and if you have to fly for work, working's not a right either.

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