Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I had a strange dream last night, which is so unlike me, I know, I know. In this dream I was a deity; in fact, I was the deity. That sounds really self-centered, right? Wrong! In the dream, being the Big Guy was hard work. There was always some disaster to monitor or prayer to hear, and I never had a minute to myself. When I first became a deity I caused a miracle to sort of announce the new administration, and my chief of staff (yes, I had one) took me to task for it. Admittedly, resurrecting every dead French person and doubling the the radiance of every star wasn't your most subtle of wonders, but my chief was really stern! (I only made the stars brighter for one night, too.) No wonder my predecessor retired. Still, I'm thinking that after a few millenia in the job my 401K would kick ass.

Dan and I were discussing Duran Duran lyrics the other day, and so I came up with this:

"Her name is Rio, but I just don't understand
How some chick's like a river in a dusty land
A prime example of when lyrics are unplanned
You make a metaphor about the Rio Grande."

I really like "Rio", but come on.


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