Thursday, May 17, 2007

Wishful dreaming

I dreamt last night not of Manderly but of the Go-Go's. I was interviewing them for a magazine or something so Dan and I flew out to L.A. to meet them at the offices of their record company. They were fun and friendly, but so normal and easygoing that I knew it was a dream. While I was interviewing Belinda, Dan and the rest of the gals went down the hall and were giggling like crazy. Just as I was sitting down with Jane it was seven o'clock and my alarm was alarming. Stupid buzzer.

Here's an untimely comment, now that the Democratic primary is over. Since when does a millionaire political candidate qualify as unbribeable? If people with lots of money somehow shed their avarice no millionaire would ever become a billionaire. As Genna Lannister asked, "Why does a man with one pot of gold want another? Men are greedy." Also, just because a person can't be bought with money doesn't mean he can't be bought at all. Their are inducements other than cash, such as power, influence, and prestige, that can be just as tempting.

I'm currently engaged in a war with the houseflies somehow infiltrating my apartment from the back yard. I found today what I think (hope) is their point of entry, and Flypocalypse Now ensued as I killed about a dozen of the little bastards and then sealed up their secret tunnel. It was one of the few times I wished for a spider.

New favorite lyric:

"If you've got somewhere to be, if you've got someone besides me
Let me know, don't put me on, if it's not right then I'll be gone
All those dancers can't be wrong
All those answers would take too long
So tell me, tell me, now"

Artist: Go-Go's (Jane Wiedlin/Ron Mael/Russell Mael)
Song: Yes or No
Album: Talk Show


Blogger dlinehan said...

It's also worth noting that come election day, clean-as-a-whistle candidate Tom Knox had the support of Johnny Doc and the electrician's union.

12:32 AM  

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