Monday, October 18, 2004

Watership Down...the quiz!

It's no secret that Watership Down is one of my all-time favorite books, and now it's also a quiz. Take the quiz yourself, email me your answers, and I'll grade it. Or take it and don't email me. Or don't take the quiz at all. It's that kind of quiz.

1) What was the name of the warren Hazel and Fiver fled at the beginning of the story?
2) Name the rabbits who left the warren with Hazel and Fiver.
3) Who is Thlayli?
4) What was Silverweed's poem about?
5) What creature did Hazel help save from a kestrel?
6) What was the name of the gull that helped the rabbits?
7) Who is the trusted companion of El-ahrairah?
8) What does "fu Inle" mean?
9) What was the name of the farm Hazel and Company raided to free the hutch rabbits?
10) How did Holly escape from Efrafa?
11) How did the Efrafan council punish Blackavar?
12) How did Hazel hurt his leg?
13) What was Blackberry's plan to escape from the Efrafan Wide Patrols?
14) What is a hrududu?
15) At the trial of El-ahrairah, the jury was composed entirely of what?

These are tough, I admit. Live with it!


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