Thursday, October 21, 2004

Watership Down...the answers!

Due to overwhelming demand, I will post the answers to my Watership Down quiz here. Actually, "overwhelming" in this instance means "zero", as to the best of my knowledge no one took the quiz. Feh...I'll post answers anyway.

1) What was the name of the warren Hazel and Fiver fled at the beginning of the story?
a) Sandleford

2) Name the rabbits who left the warren with Hazel and Fiver.
a) Bigwig, Silver, Buckthorn, Dandelion, Hawkbit, Acorn, Speedwell, Blackberry, and Pipkin.

3) Who is Thlayli?
a) Since this is Lapine for "Fur head", it translates roughly to "Bigwig."

4) What was Silverweed's poem about?
a) The wire the farmer used to set to catch the rabbits. Creepy.

5) What creature did Hazel help save from a kestrel?
a) A mouse.

6) What was the name of the gull that helped the rabbits?
a) Kehaar.

7) Who is the trusted companion of El-ahrairah?
a) Rabscuttle.

8) What does "fu Inle" mean?
a) This is Lapine for "after moonrise."

9) What was the name of the farm Hazel and Company raided to free the hutch rabbits?
a) Nuthanger Farm.

10) How did Holly escape from Efrafa?
a) He ran across train tracks, and his pursuers were either run down by the train or they fled.

11) How did the Efrafan council punish Blackavar?
a) They tore up his ears.

12) How did Hazel hurt his leg?
a) He was shot my men whilst rescuing the hutch rabbits from Nuthanger Farm.

13) What was Blackberry's plan to escape from the Efrafan Wide Patrols?
a) They got aboard a small boat in a river near Efrafa, chewed through the rope that anchored it to shore, and floated away.

14) What is a hrududu?
a) An automobile.

15) At the trial of El-ahrairah, the jury was composed entirely of what?
a) Elil.

Let's grade the quiz no one took.

- 1-3 correct: You are a Hlessi, wandering homeless, and sure to fall prey to elil before ni-Frith.
- 4-6 correct: You are an Outskirter, who belongs to a warren but is often sat upon by your elders.
- 7-10 correct: You are in the Owsla, bold and powerful, and you never go tharn.
- 11-13 correct: You are in the Owslafa, and you get all the flayrah you can stomach.
- 14-15 correct: You are a Chief Rabbit, and can tell even General Woundwort to silflay hraka.

One more note. One of you readers is from England, and since Richard Adams himself was English, I say shame on you for not taking this quiz!


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