Monday, October 04, 2004

My right to party!

I actually never claimed a right to party, but I got a party nonetheless! It was a totally tubular 80's party, with actual 80's music and outfits, down to pink taffeta underskits and crimped hair. There was tasty cake (chocolate, naturally), cheezium, and an awesome 80's "Name That Tune" game which my team won only narrowly. Curse Amy and her encyclopedia mind! We also got to identify 80's songs from written lyrics, kindly provided by Tim, an activity at which Sam proved frighteningly adept. Curse Sam and his hip British father! I got many delightful presents, such as a plush "Alien" face-hugger, a mini Lite Brite game, and the entire run of "V - The Series" on DVD. Curse Sean and his knowledge of my V-obsession!

This party was well timed, as my life recently has been work, class, and league. I've been getting rather twitchy from the pace, and Dan's been really patient about dealing with me, but this party was a handy steam valve. With cake.

P.S. I wondered out loud if a plush facehugger would spawn a plush Alien, and if said plush Alien would be unable to burst from one's stomach in a hideous fashion. Star then pointed out that, even if they could, plush Aliens could never take on Predator. I concur.


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