Thursday, July 23, 2009

Scratch one parking ticket!

Yes, the City of Philadelphia is going to have to look elsewhither for its lousy 51 bucks, 'cause my ticket is as dead as Sarah Palin's political future.

I got to the PPA at 12:30, checked in, and then made myself comfortable to wait. There were tons of people there, but I was so engrossed in writing material for my next show and reading the new David Sedaris book that I was fine waiting. I was called back after about 35 minutes, and the following is a transcript of the exchange between me and the administrative adjudicator (AA):

AA: So this ticket is for double-parking?
Me: Yes.
AA: You can't double-park, not with your flashers on, not ever. As a courtesy I'm going to cancel this ticket.
Me: Do I get something in wr-
AA: You'll receive something in the mail within 30 days.
Me: Have a nice day! **

So you can see that my victory had less to do with my rhetorical skills and more with the fact that the AA was running way behind and was dismissing the stupid tickets so she could make headway with the others. Not exactly Bryant vs. Darrow, but either way, that $51 stays in my pocket.

**At this point I gave a moment's thought to asking how one loads a vehicle in the city if you can never double-park, and if all those South Philadelphians get $51 tickets for double-parking every single night. However, I have learned in stand-up that if a joke works you don't ask why; you just tell it. So I kept my pie-hole firmly shut.


Blogger feanor said...

Ha! Nice. Congrats.

2:21 PM  
Blogger Star said...

It's a shame you only had to wait 35 minutes. There was probably a ton of material for your show in that room. Congrats on winning.

9:36 PM  
Anonymous CathyC said...

Where is the PPA when you need them - like for those parked in turn lanes, next to stop signs and around corners which are dangerous enough since everyone thinks Turn on Red means Merge. My favs are South Philly residents who park in 2-lanes.

12:42 AM  

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