Monday, December 01, 2008

So tired!

Woke up at 5:30 am this morning with some new stand-up material burning in my brain, which is often the way it happens. Not that I am ungrateful to my muse, mind you, but I wish Thalia would choose a different hour in which to grace me with her presence. (Thalia really is the muse of comedy, too.) So I'm pretty tired right now, but that won't stop me playing Ultimate tonight. In the mud.

I bring this on myself, I know.

I'd kind of like to be a muse, or maybe a demi-power, and I totally know what I'd like to be the god of: near-success. The commuter who misses the train by inches, the moviegoer who comes up one dollar short, the mayoral candidate who loses by twelve votes out of two hundred thousand...all of these would be in my bailiwick. None of them would worship me, you understand, but they would implore me to turn my baleful eye elsewhere, and those who made good offerings would be duly ignored. Those who did not make offerings? Baleful eye.

I've been listening to Fountains of Wayne's first album, cleverly titled Fountains of Wayne, and I'm digging it intensely.

Hey! At Thanksgiving I ate some chocolate cake with white icing that I got from More Than Just Ice Cream, and it was tasty. The icing wasn't exactly vanilla, nor was it mint; it was white, which was enough for me.

New favorite lyric:

"Oh yeah, and I can see the signs
Oh yeah, she's only killing time
Oh yeah, and she's not long for this world."

Artist: Fountains of Wayne (Chris Collingwood/Adam Schlesinger)
Song: She's Got a Problem
Album: Fountains of Wayne


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