Wednesday, December 31, 2008

If a bird falls in the city...

...should I laugh? Well, I already did. Yesterday morning as I was on my way to work, I saw a pigeon fly directly into the glass wall of a building. It was accompanied by another bird with the wits to avoid a direct collision. The pigeon made contact at the first-floor level so it didn't fall far, and after it recovered it seemed no stupider than before, so those of you who love pigeons need not worry.

Naturally, I had to phone Dan immediately to tell him about this, and that's when I lost control. It took me about three minutes to choke and gasp out what had happened, and by that time I was in the lobby of my building. So then I'm on the elevator, with a flushed, tear-streaming face, giggling like mad. Not much of that goes on where I work, so I stood out like as sore a thumb as possible. Heh.

New favorite lyric:

"At any convenient time
Funny how my memory slips when looking over manuscripts
Of unpublished rhyme
Drinking my vodka and lime"

Artist: Simon & Garfunkel (Paul Simon)
Song: Hazy Shade of Winter
Album: Bookends


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would have paid to see that!!
luv ya!

7:47 AM  
Blogger Amy McWeasel said...

Ha! Sounds like that bird had a cartoon moment. :D

4:01 PM  

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