Monday, August 18, 2008

The house is now sufficiently warmed

Thanks for all who attended, brought/cooked food, gave was greatly appreciated. Get ready to come over again because the Halloween bash will be there as well, and by then we should have some painting done and maybe the deck cleaned. Oh, the Halloween bash will be October 25, which is the Saturday before the 31st. I considered holding the party on the day itself, but I wasn't sure how easy people would find it to dash home from work, get into costume, and still have the will to party. Start thinking about your costume!

Courtesy of Babyraven, my Manga self graces this post. Or curses it. Whatever you like. My head is not quite that large in real life, though. Well, I mean it's larger than than the actual image size, but not as large as it is relative to the manga-body.

I have Netflixed the first disc of the Bionic Woman redux, although I've only watched one episode. I'll post about that later when I can offer a more informed opinion.

Fall League '08 approacheth, and I have been asked to join not one but two core teams. (As opposed to simply putting my name in for the draft.) This makes me feel all warm inside while leaving intact my crusty exterior. Like a s'more.


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