Friday, June 06, 2008

On the runway...

…and ready for takeoff! Yes, I Netflixed Season 3 of "Project Runway", and so far I am having a blast. The passive-aggressive criticism! The egos! The snide put-downs! And after all that, you get to look at clothes. The only thing that could make it better is if Netflix shipped chocolate to my door along with the DVD. When I got the DVD, the following conversation ensued:

Me: Look, I got Project Runway Season 3!

Dan: Why didn't you get Season 4?

Me: Well, we've already seen about a third of that season, and we know who won.

Dan: Then why didn't you get Season 1?

Me: Well…because…shut up!

The problem was educating him.

The Democratic primary is finally over, hurray, although not without a surfeit of drama, accusations of stealing the nomination, etc. This will probably get me in trouble, but something has struck me about these fanatical Hillary supporters who have pledged to vote McCain in the fall because they're mad that their gal lost. Aren't they living right up to the stereotype of the irrational woman who makes decisions not rationally but emotionally? That's not to say that all Clinton supporters, male and female, feel that way, nor that support for her candidacy was in itself irrational. However, acting as if the nomination was hers by right is irrational. The nomination goes to the guy/gal who gets the delegates, and that's Obama. Now it's time for liberals to come together and support the candidate more likely to advance our agenda, and that's not John McCain.

However, for those who feel as though a spite vote is worth another four years of Republican rule, keep this in mind. When John McCain invades Iran, or supports oil dependence, or nominates another Alito or Scalia to the Supreme Court, thank yourself, for you'll have played a part.

Best birthday wishes to Babyraven and VisMajor, who get one year better this month.

New favorite lyric:

"It's in the deep of your soul, it's on the tip of your tongue
It's in the feeling you get when you feel young
It's in the sound of the beat, it's in the base of your spine
It's in your gut reaction every time
They tell you what you should have
They tell you who you should be
It's in the TV and ads and in the magazines
I'm kicking it off like a bug in the breeze
'Cause is anyone out there inside me?"

Artist: Heather Nova (Heather Nova)
Song: Virus of the Mind
Album: South


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Aw, you're sweet. :)

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Blogger Gillian said...

woo! Happy birthday to meeeeee!!

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