Saturday, February 23, 2008

Feeling Sun-sational!

Make fun of the title if you must; I didn't make it up. The recorded voice on the airport bus used that awful, awful "word", and when I heard it I knew it must receive mention in my blog. Just so.

Florida was warm and, despite the assurances of the airport-bus-voice, only sometimes sunny. But it was warm, so I got to hang out in shorts and bare feet in February. February. Gaa. I ate some delicious pizza whilst drinking champagne, and when Philadelphia was having its worst winter storm of 2008 (so far), Dan and I were walking barefoot along a beach in Boca Raton collecting sea shells. Mama.

Dan's parents have cable with a zillion channels, so I got to watch some TV too, which for me is a treat. I saw an episode of Jerry Springer entitled "Trannies and Carnies", and nearly broke Dan's fingers for daring to change the channel. (Was he out of his mind?) Also, I saw four or five episodes of "Project Runway." As far as I can tell, that show is basically a bunch of bitchy gay men and super-annoying straight women (What's the difference, you ask), forced to work under stressful conditions to produce high fashion that will be judged by a bunch of prissy, self-important snobs who deliver passive-aggressive little insults with either a phony smile or a Glare of Death.

Why haven't I been watching this all along?

I couldn't look away. I mean, seriously, Dan and I were transfixed. I sympathized with neither contestants nor judges, mind you; in fact, the more flustered and haughty they got, the better I liked it. And of course Dan and I got right down in the mud pile too, being all like, "How long does Christian spend on his hair in the morning?" or "Isn't Rami the most controlling queen?" and "Jillian is just pure evil."

I think I see a "Project Runway" night in my future. Who's with me?

New favorite lyric:

"Except all the radios agree with all the TVs
And the magazines agree with all the radios
And I keep hearing that same damn song everywhere I go
Maybe I should put a bucket over my head
And a marshmallow in each ear
And stumble around for another dumb-numb week
For another hum-drum hit song to appear"

Artist: Ani DiFranco (Ani DiFranco)
Song: Fuel
Album: Little Plastic Castle


Blogger Daniel said...

I think I see a "Project Runway" night in my future. Who's with me?

*waves his hand around in an obnoxious fashion* Oooh! Oooh! Me!

2:39 AM  
Blogger Amy McWeasel said...

I used to watch each season of Project Runway as the episodes aired, but now I wait until the very end when you can watch the all-day marathon. Pure fluffy heaven.

9:16 AM  

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