Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The New Jacket

I am wearing a new jacket today, one that I bought at (surprise, surprise) Daffy's for about thirty bucks. It is nice.

I received many books for my birthday, and although I am 25% of the way through the one kindly provided by Sarcasmo, I shall cast them all aside in favor of A Feast for Crows. Amazon tells me that the book is currently winging its way across the Atlantic, headed for my eager, grubby little hands. Yay! Some questions I want answered are:

  • What will Prince Doran do when he learns of his brother's death?
  • How will Varys duck responsibility for Tyrion's escape?
  • Will Tommen actually marry Margaery?
  • How will things shake out at Pyke in terms of the kingship?
  • Will the Blackfish be taken during the siege of Riverrun?
  • How will Westerosi treat the Freys in the wake of the Red Wedding?
  • Will Littlefinger be able to retain his position as Lord Protector of the Vale?

Must know! Must know!

(I am happy to lend my copy to those who wish to read it, but be warned that Dan has dibs.)


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