Wednesday, September 07, 2005

A miscellany

Here's a pic of me at my company picnic. Wearing a Che-Guevera-style shirt was probably not the most prudent fashion choice, but I was feeling a bit rowdy that day. Ha-cha!

Note to Center City drivers: The lines painted on the roads mean that you should stay between them even when you're turning. Yes. If you get confused, think back to when you were a kid using coloring books; just stay within the lines.

Fall League starts Friday, which rocks! Although I'm not a very competitive person in general, I always look forward to two months of lung-busting, disc-slamming contests of will and muscle. I'm not all that concerned if my team wins (although that's nice too), but instead with achieving my personal best. That's pretty corny, I know, but true. Also, I think that there's only so far one can advance in a sport without the honing that competition provides. Whenever I play pickup I can almost instantly spot the difference between those who have played competitively and those who have not. The former have a certain canniness about how to move on the field that the latter just lacks. I'd like to think I have that canniness too. By the time November rolls around, I expect to have a bit more canniness. And shin splints.

Unfortunately, aforementioned league will keep me from Movie Night for nearly all of October and cause me to drop off the film list (which, as Vis Major well knows, was on the left-hand side).

One more thing about league is that I have to be...different when with my team. Believe it or not, the Philadelphia Area Disc Alliance (PADA) is pretty clannish, with everyone knowing everyone else, so I think the news about me being gay has spread around. I've never encountered any hostility or anything like that, but as a gay guy I have to be twice as tough and twice as uncomplaining to get half the respect given to the straight boys. Sad, but true.


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