Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The New Interview

I had another job interview yesterday. Yes, another. I've had five since January, and not a job offer among 'em. I know you could say that so many potential employers wanting to meet me is a good thing, and it is, but you could also say that someone who's tried to do something five times and failed should try something else. Would you go to a doctor who failed his certification exams five times? I'm not easily intimidated (some might say "not ever intimidated"), so I persevere.

The job sounded good, although it's in this almighty terrible office park in Conshohocken. If you haven't been to Conshohocken, picture all the traffic of Center City without interesting shops and restaurants and you've got it. The interviewer was clearly impressed with me and said so, but, still jaded from my last experience, I just thought, "Uh-huh." What bothered me most was the way they were trying to hurry along the process, and at my expense. Apparently, their client is pushing for more work, which necessitates a fast hire. In response, here's what I wanted to say:

"I appreciate the fact that you're under pressure to fill this position, but I refuse to be rushed in making any kind of life decision of this magnitude. I already have a job, and the pressure your client is placing on you doesn't mean that much to me. In short, this is your problem, not mine."

What I did say:

"It might be possible to speed up the timetable, depending on how the rest of the process develops."

Isn't that statement just dreadful? It includes everything but says nothing, which, come to think of it, describes most of what you have to say in interviews anyway. Sort of like the crap that comes out of the White House these days, except the bullshit I spewed at yesterday's interview didn't get anyone killed. As far as I know.


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