Thursday, April 14, 2005

Film Festival Redeemed!

I saw my fifth and final film last night, "The Edukators", and in it the film festival has won its way back into my heart. This German film doesn't have the most original storyline, perhaps, but it tells the story very well. The actors are very good, very real, and very likable, and even the "bad guy" leaves you feeling ambivalent. (One of the actors is cute as a button, too, which never hurts.) The soundtrack rocked, too, except for Jeff Buckley's cover of "Alleluia." I've got nothing against Jeff Buckley, but I've heard that damned song covered at least three times in the last five years, and given that I never liked it in the first place, by now I am really tired of it.

I think this movie will appear at the Ritz at some point, or at least on DVD, so watch out for it. Not in a it's-coming-to-get-you sort of way. In a good way.


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