Monday, November 29, 2004

Games! Books!

I'll make my contribution to the Game Day blogging. Game Day was loads of fun, although since I joined long games I did not play as many as I would have liked. Still, I enjoyed everything I did play. Highlights of the day included a continuation of my undefeated streak in Modern Art, and a mind-boggling suicide move by Yagathai in Game of Thrones.

-->I'm still staggered by this. When I play strategy games I play 100% to win. I hold no grudges and I settle no scores; I just do what I have to do to win. I can't comprehend why anyone would act differently.<--

I discovered, however, that I don't like Trivial Pursuit, and here's why. One, no matter which version I play (80's, Star Wars, etc.), I know virtually none of the answers. Either those questions are too hard or I'm too stupid, but either way I don't have many answers. Two, the game goes on for hours, and you don't spend much time actually playing it. You try in vain to answer a question, then you wait fifteen minutes to try vainly to answer another. I think I'll skip the next game.

Now, to justify Word Two of my heading, I received some books today from Amazon. I tried to get them at Borders on Chestnut, but, as usual, they had none of the six books on my list, three of which are less than one year old. (That's why I no longer search for books at bookstores. When I want a book I get it from Amazon, and reserve my time in actual bookstores for browsing.) I got "Under the Banner of Heaven" as my serious reading, and three Babylon 5 books for mind-candy. Now that my class is winding down I have time to least until my next class starts. Ugh. Save me.

P.S. There are alot of parenthetical phrases in this post, which is not really recommended in terms of good writing. Too bad! My blog, my rules.


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