Thursday, July 08, 2004

Out and NOT proud

As you may have heard, there are persistent rumors that the Washington Blade intends to out gay Congressmen (and their gay staffers) who support the Federal Marriage Amendment. If it's true, I say, "Faster, pussycat...kill! Kill!"

I normally disdain involuntary outing, since it can devastate our own community, but this situation is a bit different. We're not talking about gays who vote for Bush, or who are members of the Log Cabin Republicans. We are talking about gay people in positions of power who by day strike a direct blow for the forces of bigotry, and by night expect to play in the gay scene with anonymity. Sorry, but people like that have forfeited the courtesy the community normally affords to individuals of coming out at their own time. Therefore, those gay publishers who choose to show these people for the hypocrites they are fall solidly in the "justified" column in my scorebook. Those gay politicians choose to stand behind the FMA are the enemies of the gay community, and they should be treated accordingly. I have zero sympathy for them. None.


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