Wednesday, February 11, 2004

My dreams are fun!

Last night, anyway. I dreamt I was a telekinetic on the run from the government, who runs internment camps for psychics ala Bablylon 5's PsiCorps. Anyway, someone let me hide out in her attic, which proved to be enormous and many-layered, and I spent most of the dream skulking about it, eluding the agents who were searching the house. I went out on the roof and levitated myself over the side of the house, out of sight from anyone following me. The agents went away emptyhanded, but it was only then that I noticed that there was a nunnery across the way, and that all the nuns were crowded at the windows, watching the floating guy. They started yelling that I was a demon, which was fun. Then a priest came along and exhorted them to throw stuff at me, which was less fun.

You're probably wondering, "Why didn't you use your telekinetic powers to thwart the government agents?" I can think of several answers. Maybe my powers were not equal to the task, or I was afraid to alert the government to my presence in the house, fearing it would send even more agents. Seanbaby offers a good answer; like the Justice League of America, I may simply have forgotten I had powers.


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