Thursday, February 12, 2004

Benedict Tracker

I was reading the other day about the presidential primary of the Green Party, and I felt this pang of guilt and anger. Why? Because I can't vote Green in the presidential election this year, and it pisses me off. I agree with nearly all the tenets of the Green Party, but I must do everything I can to get His Fraudulency George Bush II out of office. I strongly believe that man is a menace to this nation, and that he's sown seeds that will yield a bitter harvest for years to come. Therefore, I intend to vote for whatever Democrat emerges from the primary, as many times as I can. And that makes me a traitor to the Greens. All I can do is make a big Green donation this year, grit my teeth, and vote Democrat. Ugh.

One of the worst things about our two-party, winner-take-all system is the way it forces us to vote our fears, not our hopes. It divides our country, devalues our votes, and reduces our national dialogue to this vs. that. It's not in the Constitution (despite what many would have you believe), it's not the best system of government, and it sucks.


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