Monday, December 08, 2003

(Not) Snowbound!

Thinking I'd be stuck inside all weekend, I rented a bunch of movies Friday, which I have not done in a while. Turns out I was not stuck inside all weekend, which is lucky for me because I was getting weird after just 24 hours in my house. Here's what I got:

Black River: A Dean Koontz story turned into a terrible movie, but I was in the mood for something cheap, and Jay Mohr, who stars, is tasty. Mucho tasty.
Girl Fight: This was a film I'd meant to see when it was at the Ritz, so I was glad to see it now. Not bad. I like the way a major source of conflict goes unresolved, which is much like real life.
Sleepy Hollow: This stars Johnny Depp, who is also tasty and such a bad boy in real life...if only I could tame him. Sigh. Anyway, this was a story that could have been more interesting had they chosen not to include a bunch of Hollywood action scenes, such as fighting on top of a stagecoach or leaping backwards into the saddle. I hate that crud.
Dog Day Afternoon: I actually haven't watched this one yet, but I thought I'd best mention it, since three movies really doesn't qualify as "a bunch."

BTW, I really was getting weird by Saturday evening. I'm pretty good at being by my onesome (that's what nearly three years of single life will do for you), but in this case I couldn't even get out for a good long walk, something I'm accustomed to doing every day. I get rammy when I don't get exercise, and shoveling snow is no substitute for a brisk, refreshing walk. Neither is a handful of Hershey's Nuggets crammed into my mouth whilst I play Warcraft II.


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