Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Evolutionary Revolutionary

You know who rocks? Eugenie Scott.
I've heard her speak out against "intelligent design" (the new package in which creationism is delivered) and she is intelligent, cogent, well-spoken and one hundred percent correct.

I'm's not creationism; it's intelligent design (ID). That's the Trojan Horse in which creationism now arrives, given a pseudo-scientific veneer by religious wack-jobs who have been balked in their efforts to insert blatant proselytizing into the public schools. What's worse is the traction this has given them with a public who only reluctantly accept the theory of evolution. Their new approach is even more insidious than ID theory; now they want to force schools to teach "the scientific controversy about evolution", and to stress that evolution is "just a theory." Input from the Voice of Reason:

1) The layman's definition of a theory differs sharply from that of the scientist. To laymen, a theory is mere speculation. To scientists, a theory is an entire chain of reason, backed by empirical evidence, that explains natural phenomena. Therefore, the second law of physics is also "just a theory", but you don't see creationists trying to add disclaimers to that.

2) There is no scientific controversy about evolution. The vast majority of scientists accept it, and the ID crowd has not been able to sway them. Scientists don't ask if evolution occurred (they know it did); they ask how it occurred. The only controversy is among religious folks, not among scientists.

Bunch of nonsense, really, but it's disheartening how much public sentiment has been swayed by it. Proves that the American people will buy anything if it's properly packaged.


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