Saturday, January 16, 2010

Like a real comedian!

Performed both Friday and Saturday night in Marlton, and I totally earned enough to pay for my Friday visit to the doctor and the Saturday pad see-ew I ate before the show. That's living, my friends.

Friday night was plain awful. The audience was as not into me as possible and drunk in the bargain, so my ten minutes on stage seemed like three months. (To the audience as well, I am sure.) Saturday night, however, was a home run. I ditched my set list minutes before going on stage and decided to wing it with some brand-new stuff, written only that morning. (Thalia, as is her wont, awoke me at 7am with inspiration.) The new stuff worked, the old stuff worked, and my audience interaction was smashing. I nearly floated off that stage, and on the way out a number of audience members thanked me for a great show. I know I'm supposed to act all professional and coolly thank them, but instead I squeed like an eight-year-old. I roll that way.

Thalia, I totally forgive you for getting me up so early this morning. Keep up the good work, toots.


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