Sunday, September 27, 2009

Gayborhood Games...lost!

Well, I competed against three other comedians in the Gayborhood Games but did not win. (I don't know how I ranked in the competition, either; the judges did not disclose that information.) The winning comedian, Jess Carpenter, deserved his victory; his set was a nice intersection of quality material and commanding delivery, and as soon as he left the stage I knew he was going to win. Yay Jess!

I was Comedian #1, for which I was profoundly grateful; I have learned that in bar shows you never, ever want to go last no matter how prestigious that position might be. The later you go on, the drunker and rowdier the crowd. I like to get on and off the stage while the audience is mainly sober. The judges seemed to like me, and I got some laughs from the rest of the crowd. The venue was in the round, though, which was a new experience for me. I didn't want to turn my back on the judges, but neither did I want to ignore the folks behind me. Argh. Sorry, folks behind me, but you weren't voting on my performance. As it happened, of course, that didn't matter anyway.

It was a fun night, though; I got to watch other comedians and a bunch of vocalists and drag acts and sample some cakes made by various gayborhood chefs, all for free. I also got to gossip with three other gay comedians...tee-hee!

On to The Attack of the 1-4-5 Show!


Anonymous CathyC said...

Yeah, it's too bad President Obama was in Denmark and unable to lend you his support in the voting ... not that it helped Chicago.

3:20 PM  

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