Friday, September 28, 2007

Like that guy who weeps over Britney Spears...

...I, too, am on YouTube! Yes, our new digital camera doubles as a camcorder, and took a pretty dandy video of my stand-up comedy debut. So, even if you weren't at the glamorous Comedy Cabaret on Wednesday, you can watch my nervous energy translate into these weird, Lady MacBeth-style hand motions!

Notice the constant glances at my set list on the chair...when I got behind that mic my mind went absolutely blank. I'm talking basic knowledge here, too, like my own name and swallowing, along with all my material. Argh. Also, check out my spacey, unfocused eyes; I couldn't see a damn thing except the lights in my face and absolute darkness behind them. Oh, and SuperTarzan, who was sitting about two feet from the stage. Yowza.

Although I can't say I enjoyed it at the time, later on I felt this real rush, and I understood why people do this. It's power, really, and for four minutes, forty-two seconds I had it.
And I spent it talking about having sex with John Kerry. Hmm.


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