Saturday, December 30, 2006

Ready for a laugh?

Check out this gem from the American Spectator. I'll quote a few choice passages, with my replies, natch.

The Republicans lost control of Congress. They deserved to lose, but we don't deserve what's going to happen because they did.

So, really, it would have been better to keep a corrupt, arrogant, incompetent leadership even when you are aware they are such. Check.

From here on, we shall never speak ill of a fellow conservative. Yeah, it's okay to blast any faux-conservatives who deserve it (such as the "Republican" co-author of the McCain-Lieberman "global warming" bill and the Georgia fellow who thinks we have to limit the First Amendment in order to win the war). But no more bashing other Conservatives, even when they deserve it.

So no speaking ill of conservatives, except those conservatives who piss you off. Them you can bash.

The test case will be illegal immigration. The Senate Waffle House will produce an amnesty bill, and the House will have no problem rolling over the few tough Republicans left there. But we can fight a holding action in both, and I promise to fly lead and drop all our rhetorical smart bombs right through the windows of the Oval Office.

I believe he's referring to the dreaded filibuster. Whatever happened to a "straight up-or-down vote"? I guess that's attractive only when you're certain the vote will go your way.

Oh, and in case you didn't notice, this guy is pushing a Rumsfeld-Bolton ticket for 2008. Yes, I read that too. No, it wasn't a trick of your eyes. If this is what we've got in terms of opposition, how could we lose?


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