Thursday, June 03, 2004

A Little Bit o'Trust

I'm not much into sharing, as is well known, but I've decided in a fit of uncharacteristic chattiness to share a few things about me you may not know. Here goes...

- I used to be quiet and shy, about 40 pounds heavier, with terrible taste in clothes. Everything I wore was too big, too wrong, and too badly coordinated.

- When I was 14 years old I got my orange belt in Tang Soo Do, which was my first-ever athletic activity and my first-ever award. During the test I had to spar a guy more than twice my age, and I put him against the wall so he couldn't do anything but defend. The heady rush of pride at this accomplishment was also first-ever.

- I have an extremely nasty temper when provoked. Fortunately, it takes alot to drive me over the edge, but once it happens I become demanding, uncompromising and harsh, with a knife-sharp tongue.

- The last fistfight I was in happened when I was about eleven. My cousin (whom I considered at the time to be ultra-cool) entrusted me with the coveted honor of guarding his jacket whilst he was smoking, and this kid threw it into a puddle. I was not and am not a fighter, but I distinctly recall putting the blocks to that kid but good. Ouch for him.

- The thought of getting old really frightens me.

Ugh...that last one was as personal as I get.


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