Tuesday, April 13, 2004

A long-awaited post

I don't actually know if anyone was waiting for this post, but it seemed to make a good heading. So there!

Star and Dan commanded me to blog a remark I made the other night. We were talking about gay guys and therapy, between which I maintained (and still do) that there is a significant link, and I said, "We put the 'men' in 'mental health.'" I have now discharged my duty.

I'm off to North Carolina this weekend to visit some friends, and I view food prospects of this trip some trepidation. (Hey, is that tripidation?) Some of southern cuisine is tasty, but all of it is rather fatty, heavy, and salty. I had a ham biscuit for breakfast, and it took two glasses of water just to restore the fluids soaked up by the salt in the country ham. Corn fritters were admittedly tasty, but possessed of more grease than I like to think about, and I won't even mention barbeque. Ugh.


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