Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Another long-awaited post

I'm turning over a new leaf and blogging again. Then I'll most likely turn it back over and disappear for two weeks.

North Carolina was fun. Beautiful area (Raleigh-Durham), but I think I'd commit suicide if I had to live there. There's just not much going on, or at least much in which I am interested. Craig and Shawn live in a rather conservative area, just one mile from this Baptist seminary, and there's no way I'm up for that. They're more willing than I to be open about being gay with people who aren't necessarily the most accepting about it. I guess that's another way homosexuality gains mainstream acceptance, but I'd rather gravitate towards people who are already inclined to be open-minded about it.

Southern food is, uh, interesting. Everything is breaded and fried, which is kind of fun as a novelty but gets old fast. Corn fritters are tasty, and cheese grits were good, but to have that stuff every day? No thank you...I like my 32-inch waist. Nobody, but nobody makes biscuits like southerners, though, so it seems that fighting the Civil War to keep them part of the union was worth it. Oh, and eliminating slavery was good too. :-)


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