Saturday, June 04, 2011

My life is nearly complete

Saw the Go-Go's in New York last night, and I am still flying high over it. Following a tasty black-and-white milkshake, Dan and I went to Irving Plaza and picked up our fancy VIP badges that gave us access to the meet-and-greet. I should at this point mention that the ticket taker told us bluntly the badges were just for show; an unimpressive white card was the important thing for getting into the event. Ugh. In any case, I was taut as a bowstring, afraid I'd vomit tasty black-and-white milkshake all over the band, which would definitely make the wrong impression. Funny, but wrong.

While waiting for the meet-and-greet, I chatted with a guy down from Boston who had seen my Iridium video. I was excited to learn that although my video hasn't yet gone viral, it might at least come down with a mild head cold.

Meet and greet happened soon after, and there was no vomiting, just autographs and a bit of chit-chat. And pictures. Great googlymooglies, but I was on a cloud. My favorite band of all time. You can see the results above. That pic is kinda stiff though, which is to be expected; to them, I am just Fan #257732. However, when Dan's turn came, I said, "Ooh! This is my boyfriend...can I be in his pic?" Then the five of them broke up laughing and Jane said, without sarcasm, "Adorable lovebugs!" Then I thanked them all profusely, slobbering all over the place, until Dan, mercifully, pushed me out of the room.

After that we went down to the reserved area to watch the show, and I have to admit it was neat to be ushered past the unlucky saps who hadn't paid VIP prices. The unlucky saps didn't seem to care, but I pretended that they glowered enviously. Then the show started and I forgot everything except dancing and singing along. Well, that and the strange biker-looking (but not unattractive) guy who kept kinda scamming on me. When he twirled me around during "Lust to Love" I was laughing and absurdly grateful. When he slung and arm around my neck in a near-headlock I was a bit less grateful, particularly considering that oxygen was fast becoming an issue. Thanks to Dan for rescuing me from his clutches.

Set list (not in this order):

How Much More
Lust to Love
Get Up and Go
Mad About You (from Belinda solo)
Cool Places (Sparks and Jane Wiedlin, with Belinda singing Ron Mael's part)
Our Lips Are Sealed
Fading Fast
The Whole World Lost Its Head
Mother's Little Helper (cover)
This Town
We Got the Beat
Head Over Heels
Fun With Ropes
Skidmarks on My Heart**
Surfing and Spying
Beatnik Beach

The crowd was older, and serious fans who knew not only the lyrics but the harmonies. They were super-enthusiastic, and when Gina Schock stepped out from behind the drums to say a few words she was immediately greeted with 500 people yelling, in perfect unison, "Gi-na! Gi-na!" This could have gone on forever, really; we as an audience were ready to sing along with anything Go-Go's related.

A wonderful night! Given Dan and a picture with the Go-Go's, all I need is a book deal to call my life amazing!

**OK, so Dan winced at this song. I understand it's not exactly poetry, but I like!


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