Monday, August 30, 2010

Technology foiled again!

I haven't updated this blog in ages because Blogger kept telling me I had to update this and transition that, and when I looked at the eye-crossing directions I thought, "Uh...Dan?" But Blogger has left off, evidently deciding I have had enough, so I am back.

Ezra Klein, whom I read regularly, has an interesting piece today explaining why in politics party matters more than individuals. Think that Senate Republican Scott Brown has to be moderate because he comes from a blue state? Wrong! He voted with the GOP 82% of the time, which is more even than Maine's much-vaunted maverick Olympia Snowe. Keep it in mind next time you visit the polls. Oh, and I recommend reading Klein, or at the very least Googling his image and looking at that. 'Cause he's hot.

Is anyone else reading The Dwarves by Marcus Heitz? If so, can you explain why it's so boring? I used to be a huge fan of genre fantasy, but nowadays I have a hard time getting into it. First of all, when I open a book and find a world map, my blood pressure rises. Second, I just can't deal with any more strange fantasy-world names like Tungdil or Durzo Blint. And that doesn't even count all of the strange names with apostrophes or Ks used as Cs, etc.

Finally, there are the inevitable patterns that may once have been interesting but are now boring. Book opens with a battle in which evil prevails, then cuts to an idyllic country setting, completely at odds with the previous scene. There, a strapping young man of humble but somewhat shadowy origins is approached by a mysterious druid/wizard/magic guy who tells him of a Great Evil and the approach of Minions of Dread, bent on capturing/killing/seducing to the dark side this selfsame young man. Who is of course heir to the throne or the fated wielder of the Sword of All Things Good. Argh.

If I wind up in one of these stories, I'm going to tell Gandalf or Allanon or whatever other meddlesome conjurer appears that I don't care what Lord Blackness is up to in the Kingdom of Shadows. If Lord Blackness has a good health insurance plan that extends benefits to domestic partners, and will start me with three weeks' vacation, sign me up.


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