Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Game. Set. Match.

Sorry for strutting a bit, but I had a fabulous set at Helium last night and I am flying high about it! Got lots of laughs on material that was less than four hours old and which was, in my view, a bit personally revealing. I felt like I could have taken the walk home in four giant steps.

Speaking of steps, mine are considerably noisier these days, as my left Merrell has developed one of those inexplicable squeaks that happens every time I put my left foot down. I wish those squeaks would start sporadically so I'd have some warning that it was time to replace the shoes, but nuthin' doing. Yesterday: good shoe; today: squeaky annoyance. I am very particular about the type of shoe I wear, and of course City Sports had that type in every size but mine, so I had to order it. Therefore, the city will be somewhat noisier until next week.

Note to those who will see me within the next two or three days: I am going to be insufferably positive about my Helium set. Forgive, please.

New favorite lyric:

"Lust to love
Was the last thing I was dreaming of
And now all I want is just to love
Lust has turned to love."

Artist: Go-Go's (Jane Wiedlin/Charlotte Caffey)
Song: Lust to Love
Album: Beauty and the Beat


Blogger Amy McWeasel said...

Holy cats, you were on fire during that set! Really well done, and great material.

Our household gives you a collective 6 thumbs up!

12:39 PM  

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