Monday, August 27, 2007

Hey, Bush and I agree!

I've been saying for years that Iraq is this generation's Vietnam, and now I hear that The Decider thinks so too. I'm so pleased we agree.

You've heard of Matt Sanchez, right? The conservative Iraq vet darling of the right-wing set who turned out to be equally well known as gay porn star Rod Majors? Well, I found his blog, and I share it with those who may be interested. Oh, and here's Michelle Malkin's defense of him. Malkin is googly-eyed crazy, so it's worth a read. Between Sanchez and Jeff Gannon, I'm beginning to think that conservatives are trying to recruit gay porn stars.

By the way, if I am getting annoying in conversation with snappy comebacks, blame the stand-up comedy instruction I've been taking. I spend a good deal of each day coming up with material, and as a result I tend to think in terms of rim-shots.**

**That's the drum-thing done after a punchline. I realize with a post about Matt Sanchez it could mean something...very different. But it doesn't.

New favorite lyric:

"There's nothing like poverty to get you into heaven
They've got alot of wine and fish up there and the bread's unleavened
They got alot of ears that heard a whip go crack
Lots of missing toes and fingers and scars upon their backs"

Artist: Patty Griffin (Patty Griffin)
Song: Poor Man's House
Album: Living With Ghosts


Blogger Mike said...

Technically, it's called a "sting" -- a rimshot is something different -- but so many people call it a rimshot nowadays that the meaning is starting to shift.

11:51 AM  
Blogger Star said...

You are taking stand-up comedy lessons? There is such a thing? Oh vey.

6:58 PM  

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