Saturday, October 14, 2006

Ugh, and ugh

Today I quested to recover my poor Corolla from the clutches of the Towing and Impoundment division of the Philadelphia Parking Authority, who'd seized in Tuesday night because the commonwealth suspended my registration. I got that all squared away with PennDOT, and even took the trip to Traffic Court in stride, but trying to get a cab from court to the impound lot was an ordeal. Dan came with me, though, turning a dreadfully sucky experience into one that merely sucked. I was ultimately successful, and at 1:30 pm today I rescued my car from its Northeast Philly gulag.

I had to write a very pointed and dismayed email to the Pennsylvania Green Party, who wrote me asking for donations to the U.S. Senate campaign of Carl Romanelli. I am a card-carrying member of the Green Party, and would ordinarily be inclined to vote for their candidate but for the fact that Romanelli is pretty much a Republican sock puppet. Seriously, the man has gotten the lion's share of his campaign funding from Santorum supporters who hope to siphon votes away from Bob Casey, Jr. Actually, I'd say it was the dragon's share, because the only non-GOP money Romanelli's gotten is from himself in the amount of about 30 bucks. Pathetic. Anway, I wrote the Greens and told them that I'd be donating zero dollars and fuck-you cents to Romanelli's campaign. Say what you will about Casey, and you could say alot, but at least he's not on Santorum's payroll.

Sometimes liberals can be so damned foolish.


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